Late Night Apple Delivery From Former Neighbor


My neighbor lost their home and they are now living in a home with a basic apple orchard. I used to give them tomatoes and cucumbers. But husband and wife would never talk to each other and so one would eat something and not tell the other etc. So, anyway they just lost their home and they hadn’t come in the last two weeks to come get their stuff lately. But they asked me the last time if I wanted apples and I said yes. So, I heard something out my door but I was too tired to move. I knew it was something on my porch but if someone wanted something off my porch it was one of those days that they could have it-lol. But, it was them putting a bucket full of apples. I have that plus the potatoes from my garden plus a bag of tomatoes I picked today, plus several ripe tomatoes in boxes and cukes and green peppers and peppers all from my garden I need to do something with soon. I am an artist and right now I am swamped with work but I really need to do some serious cooking and processing. That was really sweet of them. What a nice midnight surprise! I was up because I had to go pick up my daughter and her boyfriend because yesterday was my daughters 17th birthday and tonight she saw her first rated R movie-LOL! Anyway, time to go get her! Goodnight out there!!!

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My Potatoes and Pulling Up the Cukes



Well, some of the garden is done for~! I decided to pull the cukes. Since the groundhogs had nothing left that they liked to eat since they had run out of my collards and they had snapped off my pepper leaves, they started trying to eat my lemon cukes and decided they didn’t like them and so left them half eaten in the garden. So, I pulled picked about five or so cukes and just pulled the rest of the vines. In doing so I found the potatoes that were long since buried by the lemon cukes that had taken over. I can’t wait to cook my own potatoes. These were potatoes that had gone to seed in my PANTRY of all places and I figured if they were that determined to grow, I was going to let them grow.

I still have some tomatoes growing though not many and some peppers and I really need to start going through and seeing what’s still growing and pulling whats not. I’ve been pretty busy and I’d picked so much of it that I didn’t have to go out for a few days and I saw today that theres quite a few cherry tomatoes that are red and ripe so I will have to do that tomorrow. But, I will definitely need to solve this groundhog problem if I want to have any hope of a garden for next year.

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My garden has been severely damaged by Groundhogs


IMG_0621My garden has taken a serious blow because of Ground hogs. They wiped out my collard greens, all of them. All of my Dino Kale, all of Brussel Sprouts and Cilantro and now my Tomatillos right out of the husk. I called the city and they said to call a company called Critter Ridder and they want $200 to humanely remove them when a trap is only $25 to $50 at Lowe’s. I need to do something fast…I didn’t get any Collards, Dino Kale, Brussel Sprouts or even Tomatillos this year because of them. What the groundhogs didn’t do, the weather has done since its been so cold. But I still have tomatoes growing though not much and I did pick as much green ones as I could and brought them in the house and I’ll keep checking the garden for tomatoes and cucumbers. I have a box still filled in the house with tomatoes and cukes and still even more on the table and there’s still green peppers and peppers growing and basil but with the groundhogs having did some damage it’s disappointing but I have to get rid of the ground hogs or else all will continue to be lost.

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More photos- 8/17/2013





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Just picked all this this morning


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Tomatoes and a bag of Lemon Cukes from the Garden 8/13/2013





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Lemon Cukes, Green Peppers, Peppers and more

I’ve been busy with family from out of state, either going back and forth out of state or having family with me from out of state. But the garden has been doing well despite the fact that the weather has been more like late September/Early October than it was Late July/Early August. But this is what I picked tonight. I have tomatoes too but I will pick them in the morning.


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