Moving Back to Tennessee

I thought long and hard yesterday about our situation and I just knew Toledo was out. Theres no way I would put myself and my daughter in a situation where we were afraid. Lea looked online on street by street view on Google looking at Johnson City saying, “Oh my god it looks the same”, as if time stood still. She was talking about going back to Girls Inc. a program she loved which was an afterschool program for girls and they have a day camp. It was hard when we left not to leave the area but for her to leave Girls Inc. She said she wanted to go to Indian Trail middle school and all the different things she could do there…I remember every September they would fill up the citys pool and have fishing in the swimming pool. You could catch 3 fish out of the city’s pool with some Marines helping to insure that you caught some or on sunday you could pay $15 and fish all day.
We did quite a lot of things there from camping at Davy Crockett to baseball. It is a tiny little city but there was lots to do…I tossed and turned all night long, but I knew I had to erase Toledo off the list.

So, I spoke with my mother this morning and cried because it has been 5 yrs of living near her and having movie days and holidays together. And I would miss that but I told her about Toledo and the high crime areas and choices and how I’m still getting calls from Landlords in Michigan but they are only Detriot choices or above my price and so she told us not to worry about her. She has her best friend here who can take her around and that she will be fine that the most important thing is our safety and security. So, we’re heading back to Tennessee. We will start over there. I’m gonna put my appliances in storage and take the t.v’s and computers and everything else will have to go. Lea doesn’t know that we’re moving back yet. She will be excited though when I tell her.

But, that means I have to sell my flock, even the ones I just got. Those ugly meat birds are so yucky I may just count them as a loss. My 8 hens-(Mushroom-(whom I’ll miss the most) and the other Spice Girls and Dream Girls)-and my 7 white rocks and tiny lone Aracauana) and all of my chicken equipment will have to be sold asap. I need to save up as much money as we can now. I am still planning on gardening in pots and taking that with me. And of course Ohio born Fiesty will be coming with us. We moved up here by stuffing our old 89 Buick Lesabre full to the brim with stuff and thats how we’re gonna return just in a 99 Chevy Venture and either a trailer hitched on to our van or two friends driving a small Uhaul down. Hopefully after awhile we can move to an area down there where we can have the chickens again. But its easier to move and find a place without them than with. Not having the chickens is gonna break my heart but I’ve got to do whats best for Lea and moving to a safe comfortable area where we were happy is what is important. I’ll miss my mom a great deal but we’ve left before and everything is pointing towards us leaving again.

Now that the dilemma has been solved finally, I can focus on other things.

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12 Responses to Moving Back to Tennessee

  1. Did it MY way says:

    Tennessee is a beautiful state as is Kentucky.I could enjoy both. I was born and raised in Michigan. In 1981 the area of Livonia I lived in (7 mile and Inkster) raised taxes so high my family and I moved to Florida to be near my wife’s mother.Never regreated the move.
    Life has a way of working out.Good luck.

  2. Patrice Farmer says:

    Welcome Did it my way, that is exactly where I live…7 mile and Inkster rd. Small world! I know I won’t regret living in Tennessee out of all the states we’ve lived thats where we felt the most comfortable. And I was born and raised in Michigan but Tennessee is home for me and Lea. Lea was 3 when we moved there and she and I often get ‘homesick’.

  3. ChristyACB says:

    Though it is a hard decision, at least it is done and you can get to doing what needs to be done to go. Let us know how it goes!

  4. DayPhoto says:

    You are one amazing woman! You are not afraid to pick up and move and do it by yourself! I am so impressed.


  5. Patrice Farmer says:

    Linda, we’ve done it so many times. We moved to Colorado by ourselves…it was Lea age 6, me and 2 cats we gave to two families in Colorado before we moved back to Tennessee and then Michigan-(confusing hunh?)-but anyway, we drove in a minivan packed full it took us 2 days and I even lost the instructions in Texas and still wound up at my sisters doorstep in Colorado though I had only been there once and a few months before and not from that angle-lol!

    We may end up in an apartment for a yr…so it will be homesteading in an apartment-(that out to be insteresting or boring, who knows)-which will save us in money so we can move to a house that is right for us. The 3 yrs at this house is the most stable we’ve been since I was 18 moving to various states on my own and in Lea’s entire life. We’re gypsys so thats the way it is for us. I do hope to find that hope where we can permanently stay though and be able to build up the homestead I dream about.

  6. JoyceAnn says:

    If you move to TN , we’ll be state neighbors. Sounds like Lea would be happy there. Praying everything works out for you all.

    ~ Many Blessings ~


    Patrice can you do the same thing in TN…contact realtors to help you find a rental prop? I don’t suppose your mom would like to move with you would she? You and she could pool funds and maybe rent a larger place. I know how much you are going to miss her.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I’m happy for you and it sounds like TN is where your heart is anyway.

    My family lives in NC, but we make an effort to see each other as much as we can…plus I downloaded Skype to my computer (for free) and talk to and see (webcam) them all the time (again, for free)…I also use it to see my niece who is stationed in Afghanistan. Maybe something like that will close a bit of the distance between you and your loved ones.

    Did it My way is right about Life. I wish only the best for you and Lea.

  9. Patrice Farmer says:

    Joyceann, that would be cool!!! Yes, Lea has been the happiest in Tennessee. The only thing she didn’t like was not having other family around but my sister and her family will be moving to Tennessee too. I think she’s moving to Memphis but thats just an 8 hr trip. If she moves to Johnson City that would be even better.

  10. Patrice Farmer says:

    Jennifer, are you still planning on moving to North Carolina? We used to live there with my sister-n-law and nieces who are now here in Michigan but I used to drive 2 1/2 hrs to pick them up for the weekend right by South Carolina and back for Friday thru Sunday. I love North Carolina too. Such a beautiful place.

  11. Florida Homesteader says:

    I’m so sorry I’m so late in reading this. I have been so busy trying to deal with my own foreclosure. I’m sorry things didn’t work out for you there. I don’t know how long I’ll be here either, but you and your daughter are more than welcome to come share my house and my tiny homestead here in Florida. You can contact me at cgardener52 at yahoo dot com. {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}

  12. Patrice Farmer says:

    Florida Homesteader, I am glad to hear from you. How are things going? I hope things are getting better. If we need too we will email you and come down to Florida. We’ll keep you in mind and let you know. Thanks for the invitation.

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