Grow Bags/Grow Tubes and Grow Cubes make for Greenhouse Vegetables

There are alot of new technologies for gardening either for hydroponic gardening or for soil gardening or both. These products I’ve found and (they’re are plenty like it), can help with seed starting and growing a better garden indoors or outdoors.

1. The first is a Hanging Plant Bag. I saw this in Michigan from an organic grower who grew peas as well as other veggies from a hanging plant bag:

2. Here is another example of a hanging plant but this person made their own grow tube out of PVC pipe:

3. Here is an example of a commerical grow tube:

4. Grow Cubes are used mostly in greenhouses and in hydroponic gardening and there are alot of products out there but not all of them are biodegradable. I think its important that we use biodegradable products so I found this one which is organic and won’t harm the planet:

5. Another way is a greenhouse type Grow Bag, its not a hanging grow bag but these are stand-up grow bags that look like lunch bags except they are created to be black in the inside, white on the outside-(reflecting of the sun etc.)-with built-in drainage holes and yet are pretty affordable and can be used as a regular planter or in hydroponics:

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4 Responses to Grow Bags/Grow Tubes and Grow Cubes make for Greenhouse Vegetables

  1. Liz says:

    You really seem to enjoy finding information. Have you ever thought about being a librarian? Pays better than artist!! LOL

    • leasmom says:

      You have to have a PH.D. to be a librarian. I only have a Bachelors. But yes I love finding new info for sure and anything would pay better than being an artist!

  2. Aaron Pratt says:

    This website has privacy enabled in WordPress admin., what this means is that search engines will not crawl or rank your content. If you didn’t mean to check the privacy box uncheck it and your pages will show-up. Why do I care? You linked to my “grow bags” thanks! -Admin Aaron

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