Mason Jar Oil Lamps

Third earthquake in a matter of weeks…Haiti, Chile and now Turkey. Even if you don’t want to believe that things are changing you still need to prepare, not only for an emergency but for a long lasting emergency.

Here is a way to take a regular canning jar and make it into an oil lamp. Now I’m going to give examples of good safe ones and those that could be pretty dangerous but in a pinch you may need to know how to make them too.

SAFE Canning Jar Oil Lamps:

1.  1 canning jar

2.  Lamp Oil

3.  Oil Lamp Chimney- example-

4.  Mason Jar oil lamp lids-example- or

5.  Wicks and/or Wick Inserts w/ wicks-(can be inserted into any liquid form and preserves the wick)-but aren’t necessary to make an oil lamp-example-

An example of what a Mason Jar Oil lamp looks like could be found here:

Now Lamp oil is the best to use and you can stock up on it every time you buy household items, budget for lamp oil as well and stock it up. But you can also use other oils in a pinch if need be.

Here’s an example of an Olive oil Mason jar lamp

In a pinch heres another example: or this one is a pocket sized Mason Jar oil Lamp-

** has a free membership so if you can’t access these, sign up for free and you’ll be able to view them. Lots of great info on there.

Now heres the ones I would consider Dangerous because it could easily be knocked over and cause a fire:

1. Beer Bottle Lantern-

2. Coke Bottle Lantern-

Maybe its me but we’re too clumsy and would easily knock those over. I like the oil lamps with the chimney because it protects you from easily catching on fire your clothing or something, the glass is a barrier. But if I had too, I could take vegetable oil, fill it, make a wick out of some cotton clothes, put a nail into a coke bottle and light my house. At least I have that information now. But for safety, I will take the time to purchase a mason jar oil lamp lid and a chimney. If you buy a little at a time, it won’t be overwhelming. But this is a fantastic way of using what you have and saving money and having the skills for any emergency.

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2 Responses to Mason Jar Oil Lamps

  1. JoyceAnn says:

    Hi Patrice ~ These are great ideas for emergency lighting. I have oil lamps , but this info is great to have just in case they are destroyed , so I’m tucking this info away in my head , just in case.
    I just told my husband during our last power outage that I’m going to try to convert one of our oil lamps to veggie oil after I use up the lamp oil. It would be cheaper to use , more eco friendly and better for my sinus problems.

    ~ Blessings ~

  2. leasmom says:

    Joyceann, thats great. Yeah much better and friendlier.

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