Make your own Lean-To Greenhouse using Pallets

Over the weekend, after receiving the leaves and garden discards from my neighbor I went to buy some spaghnum moss but the prices were either good for way too much and couldn’t possibly use that much of it from a farm supply store to Walmart wanting $9 for a bag of it. I opted for the cheapest thing which was mulch. I placed the mulch into the corners of my pallet raised beds and in the center as a moisture layer. I also got a bag of Organic Manure but I’ll probably need about 8 more bags of that and we’ll get that when we return. In just a few days we’re going up to Michigan for 2 wks so I’ll post on On Vacation sign on the Blog, but we’re bringing back the veggie plants I’m getting from Destiny Farms and the weather should be normal by then here in Tennessee-(I hope)-and then I can plant.

But I saw this today and I thought I’d share it. This is a way to take a pallet and make it into a Lean-To greenhouse. You could make it fancier I’m sure. But remember with if you can’t access the page, just sign up for a free account and you’ll be able to see it. Instructables has alot of great information so it’s worth it.

Here’s another one with instructions and even a video on how to make a greenhouse for under $25:

Global Warming Update:

1. Unexpected Tornado hits Texas:

2. Violent Storm in Charlotte, N.C.:

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